What does a bookkeeper do?

The role of Bookkeeper and Accountant can sometimes be confused as being the same thing.

A bookkeeper will oversee the day-to-day record keeping and maintain accurate business records.

An accountant will interpret the bookkeeping data and use it to advise you on financial decisions for your business.

A good bookkeeper can make your life and your accountants’ life easier and free up your valuable time to focus on growing your business.

Bookkeepers are not just data-entry experts but they can perform a range of tasks including;

  • Prepare for year end
  • Prepare VAT returns
  • Keep on top of day-to-day cashflow
  • Communicate with HMRC
  • Purchase orders and invoicing
  • Sales accounting and credit control
  • Cash and banking admin
  • Data processing
  • Payroll
  • Sole trader financial statements

A good bookkeeper will also be able to spots signs of difficulties, such as highlighting late payers or cash flow issues.

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